A week of goodies

What a fun week this has been. It seems Fed EX, UPS, and Priority Mail have made many stops at my house. I love coming home from work and finding something besides bills waiting for me.
But first before all my pictures ( as you all know I can't blog without pictures) a little recap of my week.

Rehab knee wise was a good week with 4 days of weight training, a day with kick boxing (yeap have started that again, and outside in the heat mind you for more intense knee rehab. I have started to run. Well will qualify that and say between a fast walk and a slow jog but I am out there in the HEAT sweating and trying. My knee is doing well and holding up. It seems to be my mind that refuses to just relax and let go. Vivid flashbacks of the cracking and pain of my knee still plague me when I attempt to do anything that requires full weight on the knee. Oh well time heals so we will keep plunging ahead and working. I seem to do better the more exhausted I get as then I have no choice but to put my weight on my leg. Any how it is slowly gaining strength and flexibility.

I was born and raised in Iowa and so have very deep roots for home. Iowa as well as the rest of the Midwest is experiencing major flooding and tornado's. A city close to my sister Parkersburg was hit severely by a tornado with 4 people killed and now this week as many of you have probably heard a tornado hit the Boy Scout Camp. Four scouts were killed. My heart goes out to the families of those boys that were killed.
Here is a picture my sister sent of the tornado. Unbelievable!!

So back to the goodies:
Yesterday Friday the 13th I had a box awaiting from my sister. A beautiful retro apron and the sweetest little bird. Thank you Jo love them both

Tote I ordered from Kim C's blog. This is so much more beautiful in real life as you just can't see all the details in the picture. I love my tote and can't wait to use it. Deb has a wonderful Etsy site full of goodies to drool over.

My monthly Cocoa Daisy Kit

We had a travel nurse doing our Acute dialysis runs at the hospital. Ruth has been such a wonderful nurse and her assignment is up. This has been a sad week for all of us at WSD as she is leaving. Her farewell gift to all of us was a Jamaican meal she prepared. Yummy. I loved the spicy ginger tea. Anyway she gave me this beautiful crystal jar. I am calling it my Ruth jar

And lastly a pic of the ATC cards I finally finished and hurriedly popped in the mail for a pay it forward ATC swap

Usual plans for today. Starbucks and shopping with Colleen. which speaking of Colleen congrats Colleen on your special special, great news. Until she lets everyone know it is a secret soon to be revealed I hope.


Kim said…
you got lots of great goodies! how fun! loving the ATC's to!

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