"Narnia" The Bamsey/Vick Adventure

So when we were at lunch last Sunday "we" decided to go see the Narnia Exhibit at the Science Center in downtown Phoenix. Jenn went online and purchased our tickets and our time was at 11 AM today. TJ drove in and picked me up and off we went. Met the Vick's at the parking garage and we were off. Not only were our tickets good for the Exhibit but for almost all the exhibits in the Science Center. Darn we didn't have tickets to the Gross something or other:)
Disney put on this exhibition so unfortunately no photos allowed. It was too bad as there were some awesome photo opportunities with the throne etc. We all enjoyed "Narnia" and had a blast with all the other exhibits. I think most of us thought the Forces of Nature was the best. We were in a hurricane, earthquake, monsoon, tornado, volcanic eruption, wildfire. So we were rained on, wind blown, heated up and shaken. It was a cool exhibit and since it seemed to be hot in the center the rain drops were wonderful. Following the tour we hit the road again and headed to Benihanas on Chandler Blvd for lunch. Great California rolls, sushi and good chicken and rice. FUN FUN day as a family.

The statue in the lobby

TJ and Sadera leading the way. Notice her new short hair

Arriving at the Exhibit

All of us ready to enter

Happy Sadera??? Deciding where to eat

And here we are at Benihana

Sushi and California rolls

TJ and Anthony. Anthony was the food critic giving TJ expert advice on all the food and whether it was a thumbs up or down. He cracked us all up.

So another great weekend is almost at an end. It is back to work tomorrow


kim hesson said…
hey looks like you had a great time! sad that you couldn't take photos inside! love sadera's new hair cut!

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