Saturday Ramblings

Not a whole lot to say. Let's see it is hot and that is not new

My day went as planned shopping with Colleen. We were actually home pretty early. Made our trip to Mystic Paper so Colleen could pic up some Tim Holtz things. We picked a good day to go as Kim
had a visitor that tracks the ghosts of Mystic Paper. I won't say anymore and let Kim fill all of ya in. Needless to say I was creeped out. We headed to Melrose to check it out as this is their last weekend at the store and then to ETC for an elusive piece of paper, lunch and home. I was fiscally responsible today hee hee

I did manage to buy a tin star and covered it for the 4th. Didn't come out as envisioned but hey I have one decoration for the 4th

sweet Sadera had been letting her hair grow for a year for locks of love. Her hair is very thick and very curly so she was so ready for a new look. Today was the day and she had her hair cut and styled. This is a cell phone pic from Jenn so can't wait to see it tomorrow. Oh ya tomorrow is Narnia yeah

Have a great evening and I will catch ya all up on Narnia adventures tomorrow. sending get well wishes to my favorite Miss A Feel better soon


devine girls said…
Cute star. Sounds like a nice day.
kim hesson said…
sorry we missed out on the fun day! little miss is still running a fever! hoping this is over very soon!

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