Saturday Roadtrip & Sunday Ramblings

So far this has been a great weekend! Relaxing, retail therapy, laughter, good food and great friends!!! It can't get better than that.

*****Edited to add:****
Congrats guys you all completed another Marathon. I checked in just as they were posting your times

Today is the "Rock n Roll Marathon" in San Diego. Sending good vibes to the Doc, his brother and Wally. Hope you guys are doing well and having a great weekend on the beach. They run both the Phoenix and San Diego Rock N Roll Marathons in Jan and June and then in August the Quebec Marathon. Ya the doc is fit and a running guru me I am not give me my computer or classes and I am a happy camper.
This is a past Marathon picture

So yesterday Colleen had to go pick up her layaway at Home Again in Phoenix. Of course I wanted to go and we knew that Kim and the girls were really really wanting a road trip too:) Well Kim for sure. So we made arrangements to meet at Mystic Paper at 10. Yeap Colleen picked me up at 0845 and off for a leisurely coffee at Starbucks and a quick try to find an estate sale (which we did not find) before we headed to Mystic. As per usual when we go to Mystic we were the first ones there. We got to meet and visit with Mike P. He had a great story to tell us about the ghosts at Mystic and the paranormals??? that spent many hours there about 2 weeks ago. Check out Mike's blog for some really good photos of Mystic and the ghosts. I have said for forever there were ghosts downstairs and yeap there are 3 of them. Well I only thought there was one so that makes me feel so good. Now there are 3 an old man, an old woman and a little boy. Who knew???
So we headed up to Phoenix after our visit with Kim, Mike and Rick. A caravan of 2 cars. Poor Kim had to try and keep up with the lane switchings!!!
Our first destination was Melrose. I hadn't been back there since Jan due to the knee problems. We had a ball all of us going in different directions and all of us finding different treasures

Poor people it was hot and I wanted to play with my new camera. I made them stand in the sun for a few minutes as I grabbed pics.

Kim and Aliya. Just let me say that Kim has the most well behaved, polite and fun girls. They never once complained and believe me shopping with the 3 of us could make one complain. we look at everything. The girls got in on the fun mood and found many treasures for us to look at

Another little setting at Melrose

My basket. Not sure what I will fill this with but needed it. Kim and Colleen each bought similar ones

My precious little stylin chicks

Vintage rose

After Melrose and Home Again it was off to Las Comprades for lunch and reviving before the next onslaught of stores. Can ya tell we seem to like 7th ave
Our next stop was Qcumberz what a great thrift/antique/collectible store. Colleen hit the jack pot when I found old huge Chinese scrolled prints she has been looking for. They are absolutely beautiful. I was able to find a few treasures too:)
My basket thingy

Old bottles and the most beautiful peach embroidered table cloth that I may use on a special journal

More vintage button cards

Last stop of the day at an antique shop. We each found a few things despite the rude incompetent staff that took forever to check out. The vintage glove box was filled with old dirty but unique gloves and they took those out and said they didn't come with the box grrrrr Needless to say we will not grace their doors again as most things we had to tell them the price or argue with them at what the price said in the booth. I took the box anyways and used it to put all my vintage button cards in perfect!!

So great day long post and if you made it through this you are a trooper
Summer tag swap details later this afternoon PROMISE


Cheryl said…
Looks like you three (plus kidlings) had another fun, successful day! We had a great Saturday here in sunny SO Cal too! I'll try and get pics posted later. LOVIN' the new quilted box!
Cheryl said…
Oh....forgot to mention....can't wait to hear about your Summer Tag Swap!
Kim said…
love all the photos and it was a fun day even if i didn't find a lot of stuff! just not my day i guess! :)
Michelle Devine said…
Looks like you guys had a great day. Lots of fun finds as usuall.
Maija said…
Doc looks HOT!
Looks like you girls had another fabulous day. Call me next time if you think of it. I don't have any local girls to shop thrift goodies with!

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