Happy Father's Day

My Dad!! Hope you have a great Father's Day Dad!!!

Yesterday was another shopping adventure. The usual Starbucks coffee with Kim and Kelsey and then to Mystic Paper to pick up more Tim Holtz ideology stuff. Believe it or not there is some things we didn't have. Maija was at Mystic so we had a good visit with her. Lots of laughs over all of our adventures. From Mystic it was over to check out Domestic Bliss as Maija had not been there. Again we all had a wish list from there seeing all the new clothes, jewelry and such. Toured Blissful Living and saw the upcoming classes. I liked Beth Quin's glove mounted on a frame. Then on our way to the cars we stopped in to a sweet little hair salon and boutique "ADORN". Jackpot!!! 3 tops and capri pants for me, Maija purchased a sweet top and Kelsey talked MOM into a top and shorts. Good times. We parted ways as Maija wasn't able to do lunch due to prior engagements with sons. Lunched a Sweetcakes yum yum yum. We were somewhat revived and headed over to Scrapology to check out their store. Very nice store very friendly owner and all 3 of us picked up some new papers and flocking embossing powder. We were all hot and tired so it was homeward bound for all of us. I need to say Kelsey had a new hairdo and it was WOW really really cute both the color and the cut. She looked so darn cute.
Good day
So today it is put all the stuff away, finish the laundry, clean and oh ya shop for a few groceries as I am running low on important things like meat, milk eggs and DIET PEPSI.
Hope it is a great Father's Day for all the Father's out there


Paris Cowgirl said…
Saturday's just aren't the same unless we have the 10:00 a.m. invaision. You guys start our day just right!
Kim said…
what a fun weekend. thanks for the laughs!
Cheryl said…
I so wish I could be there for one of your Saturday "field trips". They sound like so much fun! Next time you are at Sweetcakes, please have a pecan chicken salad sandwich for me (and be sure to let me know how yummy it was!)

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