Another week has seemed to have flown by. I am taking a "mental health" day (hooky) from work. Thanks to an understanding kind generous boss I am staying home. So far a pretty productive day and I have several things crossed off my to do list. House is cleaned, swept (thanks Roomba) and mopped. Two loads of laundry done folded and put away so far. Get the put away. I'm famous for folding and stacking. Dishes are done well dishwasher did them but they are done! And I just ate lunch thanks to the newest addition to my household the Paula Deen toaster extrodanaire. I had my version of egg Mcmuffin healthy version. I think I'm gonna like this. Next on the agenda is to make hard cooked eggs yeap this baby cooks 4 hard cooked eggs in the shell. Kim cut out the letter "I" in wood as I chose the word INVEST for my word of the year. I'm altering it and making a mini album of why I chose INVEST and what I plan to INVEST in this year. So far here is a peek of where I'm at. My Scrapmuse monthly kit arrived yesterday and the kit was Piggy Tales papers so that is what I'm using. Going slowly as I want the ideas in my head to turn out on my project. Anyway having fun.
Wednesday nite was our mid month Stampin Up class at Jan's. We used the Sell-a-Bration free stamp sets for our cards. I'm so glad I have these as I love them.
After we finished our cards we altered the Target mail boxes that CAN'T be found anymore. I have 2 I finished and 2 more to go.Keep your eyes open for these family!!! when you are at Target.
Tuesday nite was Sandy's "Bits & Pieces class at Devine Memories. Dena, Colleen and I attempted to cut paper according to Sandy's directions. Can anyone guess whose paper continually came out the wrong size??? Later it was discovered that Colleen had a different sized box than the rest of us. We all had a good laugh over that.
So all in all a busy fun week. Ok UPS has driven by here many times. Do you think he is looking for my house and has some package I know nothing about waiting to deliver to me. Guess not he went on by.


Kim said…
oh i love your letter "i" it's turning out so cute1 i can't wait to see it as it progresses. i'm going to work on my "E" tomorrow!
love everything else that you did also!

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