My day as they say was.... "For the Birds"

Yeap that is what I said. It was a bird day. I got up this am and opened the windows and doors as it was cool and beautiful out there. I had a ton of yard work that needed to be done, so I was in and out of the patio to the garbage many times.
After picking up the patio it was the front yard that needed some attention. Again doors are wide open. I am trimming my bougainvillea on a ladder, the parrot is screeching and hollering and suddenly 5 birds come swooping towards me. Yeap they were parrots and yeap you guessed it they flew in my house. NOW my parrot is going completely bonkers screeching and hollering. The 5 parrots are screeching and hollering and sitting on my birds cage. He is not I repeat not a happy camper. So in I run well fast walk quickly go down the hall and close all the doors and shoo them out. Actually I think they were probably pretty tame but I didn't attempt to try to hold out my hand to see if they would perch. Anyway out they went and flew to my next door neighbor's palm tree. In the meantime my bird is not happy he is still hollering. Being of sane mind I grabbed my camera and shut the screen door. I forgot to shut the door to the patio. Let's just say that was a mistake. As I am trying to take pics of the parrots I here a thump from the inside of my house and another squawking. Ok I figure it was another parrot got in the back door. Oh no it was one of those horrible black birds. He flew in the door and must have thought it was clear sailing through the living room window. Not so. He was easy to get out. Lessons learned keep your doors shut
Click on pic to enlarge

So after the yard was done, I cleaned the house and did laundry. I had basically had enough so I played in my messy scraproom. Made a fall banner just playing with the banner die cut from Jan's class last Wednesday.I challenged myself to try and use all Stampin Up products and I did except for the prima flowers.

Here are the goodies that were in my bag from Aliya. This was as much fun for me as Aliya. She does really good goody bags. Hmmm bet she gets it from her Mom!!

And here is all those luscious black trims I ordered from Kim. Loving them and a sweet little bag with buttons and a bat. Thanks for the goody Kim

Back to work tomorrow where it is less noisy than at my house


kim hesson said…
wow those crazy birds! aliya had so much fun putting your goodies together!
Paris Cowgirl said…
Squirrels, Parrots...what's next?
Kim Caldwell said…
Goodness Hon -- I would have had a heart attack!! Sometimes life is for the birds!!

Hugs, Kim
Sue M said…
OMG. At least there were no squirrels!

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