Visitors of the good kind

I had 2 visitors this afternoon. Not birds or critters of any kind either. Jenn and Sadera popped over for a short visit. They delivered Anthony's scout thing he was selling. They also were excited about all the purses Colleen had left here. Sadera had fun looking through them all.

I spent a greater share of the day finalizing the packaging of the swaps for Artistic Affaire Deux in 2 weeks. Getting really excited about the weekend. I joined the house swap, canvas swap and the cigar box swap. All are done just needed to figure out the packaging. Yesterday at Zoey's I picked up some beautiful muted material with flowers and birds. I made little envelopes with lace and buttons to put the houses in. It took me a bit to figure out the pattern but I finally came up with it and from there on it went pretty quickly. I only needed to make 6 of them so that wasn't so bad

For the canvas I used a Halloween bandanna and then added a tag. We won't know who are swap partner is until we arrive at Kim's house.

Here is Sadera clowning around in a mask that Beth and Pete made. Sadera wants to wear this for Halloween. Anyway she had fun posing for her Mom. Her Mom had fun playing with my camera!!!!

So that wraps up my weekend Back to work tomorrow.


Maija said…
The packaging on those houses is just gorgeous!
Sandra Evertson said…
So Cute!
Sandra Evertson

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