It's a Blue Monday

Today was "Blue Day" for us, as TJ went out to the casino to pick up his new car he won Friday nite. I rode along to help. He had decided to trailer it back to Casa Grande. It was certainly an exciting afternoon.
Here is little Ms Blue waiting patiently for us to pick her up.

TJ with the title

On the trailer tied down and ready to roll

The trunk holds 5 bags of groceries!!

Claudia and I taking her for a quick spin.

Due to a big dust storm and some big rain drops we were not able to put the top down. This a super fun car to drive. I wasn't fast enough to get pics of TJ and the Doc going for a spin. Congrats again TJ. Love the new car


Sue M said…
OMG-that is too cute! And you looked tooooo cute in it.
Anonymous said…
It is so CUTE! That would be the best car to scoot around in. How fast do those things go anyway?
Anonymous said…
That is so exciting. I am so happy for him. How FUN!
Tina Wishart
Paris Cowgirl said…
And a convertible to boot! How fun!

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