Ready For Christmas

That title is certainly misleading! Ready I am not, getting closer but still a ways to go . Most of the gifts are purchased just a few difficult ones to look for, menu is planned and most of the decorating is completed. My Christmas album for 2011 is finished as of this morning and I can't wait to take the photos and put in it.
I was at Craftfusion most of the day yesterday working on this beautiful album taught by Suzette Ricks. We had cookies , doughnuts, pizza and home made fudge from Barb to keep our energy levels going. It was a fun class and I was able to complete most of the album there. This am I finished up embellishing the pages. I think this is one of my favorite albums ever well except the one she taught last Christmas.


Tina said…
The book Suzette taught is absolutely beautiful!! And I do love all your goodies in the previous post. Your goodies and stockings are gorgeous!!
Gloria Stengel said…
Love this mini!

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