Catching Up

It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog post. I thought I better get going and catch you all up on what is going on in my life.
I signed up for Karla and Beth's online Romantic Gothic Ghosts. I am loving each and every tutorial.
My latest is this pillow. It was actually supposed to be a tote that Beth made but I decided to make a pillow out of it.

Beth's little notebook

Karla's banner. Again I changed it up and hung it on a floral wreath wire thing. Not sure what you call those things

The last weekend of August was filled with celebrating Miss Maija. We celebrated her 50th birthday with a surprise party that Earleen was the hostess. Annette hosted a brunch Sat am before we all headed out shopping. We came from near and far and the best thing was we all kept the secret so well. Maija was Surprised for sure. From Friday and Saturday It was a weekend of food, fun, shopping and make-n-takes. The best of weekends by far. I just didn't get many pics as I guess I was busy eating,shopping and visiting with Colleen. Colleen was able to flying for the weekend and we had fun catching up.
So here are a few of the photos I was able to take. Michelle L, gave us a class on mosaic and we made a sweet little heart with a Charlotte's head. Some of my table mates to rename nameless took their heads off. Melrose provided the cutest little photo album and Jennifer at Mystic Paper had us make sweet little witch or fairy figures. We ended Sat with a group dinner and it was wonderful catching up with everyone. Just a good weekend with dear friends.


Maija said…
I loved my birthday weekend!
You creations from Karla and Beth's class are fab!!
kim hesson said…
love the goodies you've been busy making! sad i had to miss last weekend! looks like it was a hit!
Tina said…
Sherry...again, everything looks wonderful! So glad your class is such a fun one. Maija's birthday looks like so much fun! :)
Holly Loves Art said…
Such a beautiful pillow Sherry. Just love it! And of course I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures from Maija's birthday weekend.
Sandy Michelle said…
What a SPECIAL time for Maija and all who attended! I love your creations from the classes!!!

Sandy xo
Jenny said…
Love your Halloween projects...the first one looks great as a pillow!! Looks like you had a blast celebrating Miss Maija's birthday!!! Hope all is well with you!!!

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