The War Continues!!!

My saga with TJ's parrot continues. How come us Moms get all the pets to keep when children move and can't have animals??? Good question as I am the lucky recipient of the parrot and a lovable lab.
Anyway the saga of this bird never ends. As I had posted before TJ arrived yesterday to help me in the yard and the pool the bird was not on his best behaviour this past week. Well I decided it was a good time to clean the bird cage namely my son was here to monitor the bird. Best laid plans right? I wasn't as careful as I could or should have been and Mr Parrot escaped his cage and to make matters worse MOCKED me with his evil laugh. I proceeded to clean the drawer put nicely laid newspapers in the bottom all neat. After a bit of difficulty and a towel wrapped around the bird TJ was able to get him back in. He was a not happy, he was a miserable angry bird. He promptly went to the bottom of the cage and ripped up the paper and proceeded to throw it out of the cage piece by piece. I swept up the mess before I went to bed last nite and this is what greeted me this am!!!! So once again I am cleaning up hs food and pieces of paper and meanwhile he is a happy little bird his favorite CD is playing and he is signing to his heart's content. Grrrrr!!!!

I am off to work in the yard for awhile. Trying to get my fountain to work. Have a great day


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