Friday at last

Wow another week of April is gone. It was a fairly busy week at work with lots of office patients and more difficult knee rehab and weight training seesions. Good thing I have a patient trainer as I surely did complain this week especially Thursday with the kick boxing and the grueling horrid stair climber machine. But it is Friday and the short weekend looms ahead. I have class with Kim Kwan tomorrow at Devine Memories. I am really looking forward to that. Have many things packed for the class. We are doing an Art Journal.

Lets see it was a pretty quiet week. I am hooked on Dancing With the Stars and of course American Idol. I was so disappointed Carley was eliminated. And my favorites are still on Dancing with the Stars.

Wed nite was our extra class at Jan's. We made 5 really fun cards using some new techniques. Bleach was the big technique and we made a beautiful floral card plus some really cute baby cards.

A while back actually it was during Kim's birthday countdown I won a give away on Debra Schoch blog. It was waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work yesterday. What a fun box to open as it was packed to the brim will all kinds of the neatest treasures. Lots of wallpaper, pictures, fibers, jewelry and the most beautiful white glittered star with a sweet little girl on it. So much stuff. Thanks again Debra

Last Sunday I decided to try to get my fountain in my front area to work again. Well that was a no go so I ended up running around looking for a new fountain pump. I was able to find one and now my fountain is bubbling away. I picked up more hibiscus bushes while I was out and a few more flowers and managed to get them planted. So far almost a week later they are still alive. It is a miracle I know

And again while running around I figured if I am back to kick boxing and more exercising I need new tennis shoes. So I now own these bright red ones and I love them

And I treated myself to the flowering teapot and pods. I have wanted one for awhile and when I found it I snapped it up. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but plan to brew some flowering tea this weekend and sit out on my patio enjoying life


Maija said…
Wonderful goodies!!!!
I'll see you tomorrow!!!!

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