What a Day

I was lucky enough to have a very full, long, lots of laughter, creative day with Tim Holtz at Mystic Paper and to help Kim celebrate her birthday. It was a day filled with tons of creativity, laughter and celebrating. Kim C and Cheryl S drove in from California Friday and were able to pull off a big surprise for Kim. Yes she was surprised if the shreaks when she turned around were any indication. There were 6 of us enjoying the entire day with Kim and Tim Holtz. After our first class we met Michelle for lunch. I hadn't seen her in a long while so it was good to catch up. I guess we now have the same reputation as Kim H and her groups as one lady moved several tables back as we were a bit loud I guess??? before the 1st class started OOPS!!! Once class started we were model students. No really we were!!!

Here is Colleen and Kim before our day started. Those of you that know Colleen know that she picked me up early and we stopped at Starbucks and were at Mystic by 7:45. Class starts at what time you ask 9AM. Colleen was beyond excited as she has waited for forever to take a class with Tim Holtz

Sue M and Colleen agin before class. There were 50 of us in the class so if you look behind Sue and Colleen you can see how far back all the tables went.

Tim Holtz getting ready for his apron demo. Yes we all bought the aprons. Really cool comfortable aprons and yes he signed all 6 of our aprons as well as Mario signed them. It was fun

The signed apron

Ok first class was called Industrial Grunge. Tim demonstrated his new grunge board and we painted distressed and played with all kinds of "stuff" to make wearable art. Really alot of fun/ Finished up all my pieces Then it was off to meet Michelle at Sweetcakes for lunch. Yes we made some lady move so all 7 of us could eat together but we were NICE!!!
Here are all my pieces

Afternoon class turned out to be my favorite "Vintage Trinkets" Tim taught us to make a button bracelet and a necklace. Some of us took so long doing her buttons as she was collaging little pieces of paper for the back of the buttons, that Tim gave her another handful of buttons to help her along!!! Did you finish all those buttons Kim H???

The button bracelet

After our second class we met Kim's husband Craig, Kameron, Kelsey and Aliya for dinner. Good food and lots of fun watching Kim's expression with the family birthday cards and gifts.

Our 3rd and final class was a lighted shadow box. We had our choice of a bird or a skeleton for inside the box. We were given a burlap bag filled to the brim with all kinds of treaures to use in building a collage type scene in our ox. Kim C did a beautiful box with soft pinks, tea cup and figurine for her daughter. Kim H got Mario to drill holes for her bird nest to go through and went in a whole totally different direction than most of us. Colleen and Sue chose the skeleton and of course I chose the bird. This was fun and a bit frustrating building the collage as things kept tipping and falling over.

Kim's seat place marker. The trinkets kept growing around it.

Her cake from Better Than Sex cake store and it was good!!

And finally I am done with my day. I was tired but filled with lots of creative ideas, and great memories of a special day with "the Group" ( Kim H, Colleen J, Sue M, Kim C, Cheryl S and me). We had a blast. It is really too bad Kim and Cheryl live in California as we had so much fun with them. Just think of all the classes and trouble we would be in if they lived here. Had a ball with you guys

Finally a peak at what I did last weekend for my Nursery Rhyme Tag Swap. I wanted a way to display the tags so I took and old window screen, ripped out the screening and put in chicken wire and viola a place to hang my tags

Hope all had a good weekend. Now to put things away and rest. Tomorrow is work!!


Kim said…
you guys are all WONDERFUL! i had the best time and can't imagine a better birthday celebration! you went all out and above! thanks a ton! love ya!
Cheryl said…
Kim & I are back in CA safely! I had such a blast with everyone yesterday in Tim's Classes. Just think if we were in AZ how much trouble we could all get into! (lol) Seriously though, I truly enjoyed yesterday and look forward to seeing you soon!
JimminyCricket! I think you had WAY too much fun and created WAY too much for a weekend! How fun! And to help celebrate Kim's birthday was the icing on the Better Than Sex cake! HaHa! But, really, glad to get to read all about it, so much fun!


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