A New Look

I was getting really tired and frustrated with the look of my old blog, so I took the plunge and switched to the new and improved?? blogger. After a pretty frustrating evening and some time this am I think I have my new blog figured out and hopefully fixed. So there it is the new blog. The banner is from Mike P. He has banners on his flickr site for us illiterate computer people to use. Thanks Mike.
I like the fact that I can now add buttons for the swaps I do, and I can kind of sort of figure out my banner. So at least for now this is the new and improved look of the day

My bird has been oh so very bad this week. Everytime I clean his cage and put fresh papers down he scrambles to the bottom and rips them into tiny shred. Usually alot of them end up on the floor. I was so mad at him last Sun PM when he immediately started this that I threw his empty bird food container in the cage hoping he would focus on that. Well he didn't. But when I waked in the door Tuesday he was inside the container. Tried to get a pic but everytime I would open the door he would come out. So here is a pic of him through the bars

No big plans yet for the weekend. Guess we will see what it brings.


Maija said…
OMG! You and your birdie are so funny! What a pair you two make!
hA! I didn't recognize your blog at first...with your makeover!

Is there a bird-training school, like puppy-training school? Or maybe your bird needs some couch therapy, to talk things out... LOL

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