Here it is Sunday already. My gosh the weekend is almost gone and it will be back to work tomorrow. But it is one more day closer to Tim Holtz next Saturday.
This was a good rehab week for me. I have been out of my brace since Wednesday and so far so good. Exercises going well, knee now bends at 90 degrees and I can walk half way normal. Have a ways to go, well along ways, but this has been a week of good progress. I am much less depressed and worried about my final outcome at this stage of the game. As you can see in the pic below the knee is less swollen and actually looks like a real knee!!!

Yesterday I cleaned and did laundry while Colleen took her father-in-law to a Parkinson seminar. Colleen was on cloud nine when she stopped by. Roy was able to stand from a sitting position and walk maintaining his balance with the therapy they taught him. Yeah Roy!! We decidied to take a short trip to find our copper etching chemicals and to see a new store. It was almost four so it was a fast furious trip in Colleen's new car. We found the Tim Holtz stamp tins we have been looking for for a year. Love it and have my stamps in it already. No luck on the chemicals however. A quick stop at Wildflower and home again. It was good to get out for a bit.

I was just stepping in the shower yesterday when my phone rang and I had surprise visitors. Kim and Aliya stopped by to see me. I haven't seen Aliya in forever. and to top it off they gave me something I have had my eye on for forever at the antique store. Was I shocked and was I happy. We had a great visit and Aliya loved the bird. He was pretty much on his best behaviour and sang to her.
The red is the perfect color for my kitchen but...... I had other ideas

Yeap I put all my buttons in there. It is so perfect and I am loving it. It will be much easier to find buttons now. Thanks you two!!!

I have finally found a picture to put in the house we made at CIB. This was Kim's class and I loved it. I didn't get a good pic but it has a copper roof on it. Loving it. It goes well with the love we made in another of her classes.

And I bet you are wondering what these are. Well I got a new Cricut cartridge called Home Decor so I was playing making flourishes and flowers and birds and more flourishes. Going to use these on my tags for my swap

But before I could play I had to clean my table off. It must have been stacked 3 feet high. But it is clean now. I need to get in here and organize and get rid of stuff but for now this is good.

And last, I was taking pictures of things today and someone was very grumpy and hissing and growling at me. Oops guess I disturbed him. Looks so happy doesn't he

Hope all are having a great weekend. It is beautiful here in Arizona


Kim said…
aliya thought it was so much fun meeting pedro! so glad you love the container and you put it to wonderful use already! :)
Maija said…
Your knee looks great! What a relief it must be to be out of the brace-especially since it's been so hot!
The Frenxy Stamper in Scottsdale has always got a bunch of Tim Holtz stuff. If she doesn't, she'll order it if she can!
Glad you're knee is getting better daily! I love your new button holder...and the buttons!

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