The Jeep is fixed oh yeah

I took the Jeep in yesterday to get a tune-up and fix a leaking what I thought was a radiator hose. Yeap there was a leak could it be so simple as a radiator hose. Oh no it was the water pump. So 4 hours of sitting later I have a new radiator hose, new water pump and the oil is changed. That is 500 dollars worth of tune-up. Seriously, I hate putting money into cars. They should run forever and not need expensive repairs.
Now that the car is fixed I can get about without worrying about getting stranded so today is the usual mundane things of grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning or..... I mite just play in my scraproom all day. Ha!
Colleen is in Brite Germany and having a ball. Beth is in Texas as her Mother passed away, and me still in Chandler.
Looking forward to a sunny quiet weekend. Yes pool I hear you, you need attention.


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