Gosh it is Friday already and I have the day off. Thanks "Boss"! Looking back over my blog I see I have been adding lots of pics, but not blogging. What is up with that? Lets see I have lots of positives :
1 It's Friday whoo
2.Taking the day off yipee
3.State survey is done and sent AGAIN!!!!
4.TJ won his poker tournament Way to go TJ win lots of money ha ha on to Vegas baby
5.Taking lots of fun classes learning lots
6.More creative this month
7.Anthony is an EEL in swim classes yeah Anthony
8.Rolodex swap completed
9.Classes the 18,22,23,26

1. Beth's Mom passed away yesterday
2.Must take the Jeep in for tune-up$$$$
3.Don't have the Altered Book layouts done
4.Yard is a mess
5.Colleen is in Germany guess that is also a positive miss ya Colleen

So it should be a great weekend, great weather and an extra day off.


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