As Jean so sweetly reminded me last evening it has been a long time since my last post. And here it is Memorial Day Weekend already. Looks like this summer is going to be gone in a blink of an eye.
It has been so windy here that it has been hard to be out working on my yard. and believe me it needs work. Lots of landscaping, planting still to be done,but I seem to be raking up wind blown debris more than anything else. Some of my plants are in bloom and I am so enjoying their sweet colors against an otherwise brown brown landscape.

I guess my biggest or latest news is I finally decided a new car was in order. I have been enjoying the no car payment thing for a few years but it was time to let the jeep go and find a reliable source of transportation. I am loving my new choice the Ford Escape. I especially like the security of the navigational system although "she" can be quite annoying when I fail to follow her instructions to the T. I also have hands free phone and although it was set up once somehow it isn't finding my phone so it is back to the owners manual to see what wrong button I pushed. The satellite radio is awesome.

Family minus Uncle TJ lunch last weekend.

And finally my soap nuts finally came in so it is lots of laundry for me this weekend.

Wishing everyone a safe Memorial weekend as we remember our troops and families


Maija said…
Congrats on the new wheels Sherry!!!!!
Tina said…
Yahoo Sherry! Always good to read new things on here. ;) I do love your car too...sweet ride!!
Sherry - what are soap nuts? They sound so intriguing! Also, new wheels are ALWAYS fun!

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