Tag Dress Form= a great day

Yesterday Kim and I took an Altered Dress Form with tags class at Mystic Paper with Lisa Super. This was a fun self paced class. I managed to get a few tags completed and Kim went a different direction and painted her dress form with gesso and gessoed her tags. The tags she completed were beautiful so I am anxious to see hers completed too. All of us had unique tags even though we were working with the same supplies. Lisa had tons of paper, flowers, stamps and on and on for us to complete the projects.
Of course I did a wee bit of shopping and was able to pick up Prima's new stitched papers and 3 of their acrylic stamps as well as a wonderful new stand to hang "things" on. Then I scored some of Kim's new wood shapes. Loving her new line! So here you go tons of pics
The new Prima stitched papers and a couple of collage sheets for future projects

My fabulous new stand with my new Prima stamps

And the new wood shapes by Kim. And congrats Kim on the overwhelming success of your wood shapes in Wisconsin. They loved working with them. You go girl!!!

Lisa Super from Prima

Our table mates

Undressed dress form

25 tags for the form

Ta da it is done and I am so happy with how it turned out

So if you made it through this long post thanks
Now back to domestic chores like finishing up my ham soup, scalloped potatoes and ham casserole and laundry wow how fun huh. Yep I had a lot of ham left over so am trying not to let it go to waste


Anonymous said…
Love, love, love it! I am so stealing your idea with the ribbon and flowers on the waist. So Pretty!
Heartinmyhand said…
Sherry, your tags came out so great. Now I want to go back and redo mine.
Tina said…
What a fun class! Great idea to make tags for a dress form. There are some very talented people out there coming up with all these ideas. Glad you had a fun day.
Paris Cowgirl said…
I am so mad at myself for not taking the class. I think I'm going to go my own direction with one and make it a cowgirl dress form.
kim hesson said…
you changed your blog header again! :) fun class! thanks so much! i had a great day! your tags are wonderful and DONE! of course you know mine aren't right?!
Judy said…
Your dress form is fabulous! Good job!
Lisa Super said…
Your tags came out FABULOUS!! I'm so glad I was able to visit your blog and take a peek. Thanks so much for coming to the class, I hope to see you again in the future.
Judy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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