Another quiet Sunday

It has been another quiet Sunday for me. Too hot to be out working in the yard so I spent the day indoors. Did the usual grocery, laundry thing and spent time talkig with Colleen and family. Colleen and family both say it is cool where they are. Hmmm wondering if I need to take a trip :) It remains hot, dusty and no rain here.
I am still impressed with my soap nuts. My laundry is fresh smelling and oh so soft. Love them. I gave my daughter, son and sister some to try but no reports back as of yet as to if they like them

Since it was too hot outdoors I worked on some Heritage layouts. This is a layout of Mom and Dad on their wedding Day. Layout was purchased from Etc. Love the paper as it is Graphics 45 and my favorite at this time.

So another week begins tomorrow and it is back to work for me. Hoping for less staffing headaches this week as I have tons of reports to get out.
Hope you all had a great weekend


Kim said…
i need to try those soap nuts. they sound interesting. also love your layout! turned out cute. maybe next week they will have some of that new paper in! can't wait to work on a project with the paper i picked up!

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