The time was way way past due for a new roof for my house. So after getting estimates and deciding on the right fit for me they started working at 5:30 am Tuesday. Work seems to be progressing well and I am so pleased so far.

Day 1 Tuesday Aug 18,2009 they arrive, the shingles come off and we are on our way to a new roof

Day 2 All shingles gone and black paper is on both sides of the roof

Shingles have arrived on day 2 Huge truck with a conveyor belt to take the shingles to the roof pulled into my yard. And yeap they are as close as it looks to my living room window

Day 3 shingles are on patio roof and part of the back side of the house :)

Wed nite was a special extra class at Jan's. We constructed cute little boxes to hold Halloween treats. Fun times.

So tomorrow is Friday this week has amazingly flown by. Looking forward to a crop tomorrow evening and then a quiet weekend


Tina said…
Yay! Can't wait to see you. :)
Wow!!! These are such beautiful photos. Nice capture!!!

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