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FOR TODAY (Aug 10, 2009)...
Outside my window...It is surprisingly quiet. Very unusual. Lots of huge fluffy
clouds Is it a storm coming in?? Doubtful
I am thinking... Life is good
I am thankful for...My sister not being badly injured in a car accident this past
weekend. There had to be an angel on her shoulder keeping her
From the learning rooms... New computer tutorial on photo shop
From the kitchen...Lots of fresh fruits and veggies
I am wearing... Actually haven't changes out of my work clothes yet
I am creating... for a swap in Sept
I am going... To call my sister to check in, call the grand kids and check the 1st
day of school and their farms on Farmville
I am reading... nothing at present
I am hoping... For a quiet non stressed week at work
I am hearing... AC still running
Around the house...It is quiet love the quietness of the evenings
One of my favorite things..Usher CD.
A few plans for the rest of the week: work and maybe lunch Sat with kids
Here is picture thought I am sharing:
A really old photo of my sister and I. Love ya sis Of course our Carter PJ's


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