What a week

This has been a challenging week to say the least. Not only is it hot and muggy but my air conditioner decided to stop working on Wednesday. Oh ya oh ya. At least it wasn't as hot as it has been. I am happy to say that it was fixed and running well and I am once again cool.

Then the Internet was down, my daughter's dog that I keep passed away, and my TV wouldn't work. I am happy to say that the TV is working again, my Internet is once again alive and well and the estimate for a new roof came in within my budget. So the week did end better than it started,

I am once again back in rehab for my knee but mainly my left leg. For some reason it has been a pain. So Monday it started. I am pretty pleased with how I am doing so far and can already tell a difference in the strength. Yeah for my task master.

Saturday was lunch with Kim H and a wee bit of retail therapy. We are on the hunt for Graphics 45 new papers and My Minds Eye Halloween Papers. Not a whole lot of luck with those two but we managed to find a few other things and had a yummy lunch afterwards.

Today I am working on a swap for Kim's event in Sept. Yeap heading to Cali again in Sept for this event

It will be good to see Colleen and all our Cali friends.
Here is all my messy table. Going to stay this way for awhile

And I am honored to be one Carol Wingert's Diamond Girls. I received my apron in the mail and not only do I love my apron but it was wrapped up so cute in sewing pattern

And I am once again saying how much I am loving my soap nuts. My laundry is softer than ever despite not using fabric softeners, smells fresh and clean and the whites are whiter. When the soap nuts are a grayish color you can throw them in boiling water to get all the soap out and make liquid cleaner /detergent. So I did that today.
Soap Nuts + boiling water= liquid soap

Hope all are having a wonderful weekend more later


Tina said…
Here's to a good week for you Sherry!
Sandy Michelle said…
I'm so glad your week ended a little better! How exciting that we'll be able to meet at Artistic Affair!!!


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