Sunday afternoon

Well it is another hot dry day here in AZ. I have lost track of how many days over 100 and without rain we have had. At least we don't have the fires and smoke that California has. I am thinking of all of our friends out there hoping you are all safe.

Yesterday I worked most of the day outside getting things shaped up. Today I vacuumed again and mopped again inside. All the dust from tearing off the old shingles and replacing them plus sanding and scraping so they could paint left a film of dust and grime on everything. I thought I had it done yesterday but soon decided it needed it again so once again everything is mopped. Looks and feels better when I walk on it.

Last evening Jen and family asked me to eat with them so we met up at Serranos. Yummo Mexican. It was really good this time. After dinner I brought the kids home with me and we played cards and watched The Day the Earth Stood Still. Anthony's new favorite movie! We managed to play several games of cards before Jen and John got back. Good times.

Kids had fun taking pics with my camera. Anthony was so funny and I am surprised he got Sadera and I in the pics as it looked like he had the camera pointed downward. I promised them I would put them on my blog so here you go kids!!
Sadera's pic of Anthony and I

Anthony and Sadera goofing around

Anthony's pic of Sadera and I

This is where I spent most of my day working on cleaning up and putting everything back together on the patio, I had a brief cup of coffee out there this am, but it was just too hot to linger long. Continue working on the pool and yard with water breaks. Hopefully by days end I will be done


Tina said…
The patio looks great Sherry! I am sure it feels so good to finally have everything back into place. That is a long, hot job on an August day. Ugh!
Thanks for the mention yesterday.
I am hoping I didn't cross any copyright laws when I posted it. lol :)

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