Birthday Celebration

I swear the weeks are rushing by so fast. It is hard to believe this is Easter weekend already. I am breaking tradition this year and ordered my dinner from Super Suppers in Gilbert. We just need to pick it up on Sat and pop it in the oven on Sunday. Now what could be easier than that I ask. All their food is so fresh and yummy so I am sure we will have a fabulous good dinner.
Work is slowling down both at the hospital and at the unit which is good. The dreaded monthly reports are due in a couple of weeks so need to gear up for that.
No classes this week. Colleen and I are laughingly referring to ourselves as finacially fiscal consumers. In otherwords we are actually weighing which classes we take. Mainly due to my previous lack of mobility classes and shopping had slowed almost to a halt. No classes of course this weekend due to Easter. We do have a class next Sat again with Josie. I am so looking forward to learning copper etching and rivets should be fun
Today was our Doc's birthday so we had a BBQ for him. TJ as usual grilled the hamburgers and hot dogs and everyone brought chips, salads and cakes. Yummy!!!!

Dr Letarte, Claudia and Tina

Warren and Lori

Candy getting things ready

TJ cooking our hamburgers and hot dogs for Dr Letarte's birthday BBQ

My monthly scrap kit from Scrapmuse. Lots of bling and beautiful ribbons in this kit. Can't wait to do something with it

My hand I bought last weekend with a bracelet on it. Love my hand


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