It is swap time again

It has been at least a month since I have participated in any swaps and classes have been few and far between. We(Colleen and I)are keeping our pledge to be fiscally responsible. That is a hoot huh??. Sooooo I decided to host a vintage nursery rhyme tag swap for some of the creative friends I met through CIB and different classes I have taken. I am really excited and am waiting on two more people to respond yes or no. Then all the final details will be mailed to the ladies and the fun will begin.

In honor of hosting this swap, I just had to try to make a tag for the blog. Well 3 days later and my frustration with Elements 5 is way beyond reasonable this is as good as it is going to get. I threatened to unload elements many times in the past few days. anyhoo here it is.
More later


Kim said…
it turned out wonderful! great job! now you need to share your tips and tricks! :)
HopHopJingleBoo said…
hello dear lady you are one of the Winners.. send me your mailing address your work! is the nursery tag swap open for one more?!heehee..

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