Quiet Weekend

After a long non rehab week at work training on the upgrades of our computer system it has been a nice relaxing weekend.
Saturday Colleen picked me up and after a Starbucks run we headed to Mystic Paper to get more soldering supplies. At least that was why I needed to go. This was my first official shopping expedition since my accident in Jan. I have been to a couple of classes but this was the very first "we are going shopping" day. I did well especially with my mother hen Colleen. Got my soldering supplies and a few extra things and then since I felt so well we headed to one of my favorite stores Domestic Bliss. Love their clothes and what do you know 75% off sales oh yah!!!! I was able to find 2 tops and pants on sale. The 3rd top I loved so despite not being on sale I splurged. Colleen bought us both new aprons for our CIB weekend.
From Domestic Bliss it was to Wildflower for lunch/breakfast. We decided to eat breakfast instead. Just totally yummy lemon ricotti pancakes. and then it was home. All in all we were gone less than 3 hours but I was pooped so it was home for me.
And to top it all off Candice Carpenter's Spring Banner Kit I had ordered arrived. Yippee. Can I just say not only is the kit beautiful and packed to the brim with goodies but it is packaged just as cute as can be. I think my favorite is the little pig in her party hat round circle stickers that sealed the bags. It was almost as much fun opening everything as it was putting the kit together. I also received Carol Wingert's Feb kit and again the packaging was just too cute. Lots of work these ladies put into packaging their kits up.
So anyway I put my banner kit together last nite and this am. I don't have very good photos but Jenn hung it for me so I am pleased I have a bit of spring in my house.
Another busy week ahead at work and it will be back to rehab this week. Actually looking forward to it. My leg is stiff since we weren't able to do rehab workouts last week. Friday and Sat is CIB at Devine Memories. Looking forward to meeting the California girls and can't wait for our swap.
So of course I had to add a ton of pics click on them to enlarge for better view of the banner.

Banner hung

1st 3 letters of the banner

last 3 letters

My new tops from Domestic Bliss

My new apron from Colleen for CIB

My swaps all packaged ready to go

I dug my tote out as I need to bring quite a few supplies. Need to get it packed and ready for Friday

So only 4 days to work this week and then Devine Memories CIB event Friday nite and all day Sat. Looking forward to a great week


Cute tops! Love that 75%off sale! Gorgeous aprong! And your banner is so sweet!

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