Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my family in Iowa and friends here in Arizona. What a beautiful day it was with bright blue skies and sunshine. This year I decided to take advantage of Super Suppers Easter dinner special. What a lot of great food we had. Pork loin, ham and cheddar strata, praline french toast, swiss cheese vegetable medley, twice baked potatoes and lemon pie. all of it was fantastic. Anthony loaded up on the deviled eggs. He loves those.
After our meal the games were on. The competition was fierce and in the end Anthony and TJ won the final round. Anthony plays with complete abandon and he is so fun to watch. Sadera is a fierce competitor and hates losing. and then there is John and TJ oh my do they compete to beat the "girls". It was a fun fun day with family.
So what is one of my posts without the pictures. Sit and relax and enjoy our family Easter.

Food courtesy Super Suppers in Gilbert

The table all set ready to go

New egg wreath I used as the center piece

Name tags I made quite a few years ago that we use annually

Precious begging to join Easter dinner too

TJ carving the pork loin

Yummy food

Sadera getting her food

Anthony goofing around with John

Playing games with Uncle TJ. As per usual we played games before and after our meal. Lots of competition going on!!


Michele said…
Looks like you had a great holiday...your table and your food look amazing!

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