Let the fun begin

I can't believe it is Friday already. It has been another long week of runny nose and coughing but finally I feel like I have gone over the hump and am on the road to recovering. I feel so bad as now my SO has it. He has been so great helping, pampering and rehabing my knee and now he is so sick with this crappy flu and I am pretty much useless to him. About all I can do is empathize and sympathize. Get well soon!!!!!
This is my big weekend CREATIVITY IN BLOOM at Devine Memories. It starts today at 4 PM and goes through tomorrow nite. Totally looking forward to meeting Kim Caldwell and catching up with Maija. Awesome classes are planned with Kim H, Candice C, Beth Q , Michelle D and Sandy E. I am packed with everything but the kitchen sink. Looking forward to creating and just rleaxing. Bless Colleen she is my driver again this weekend. I told her she is a saint to haul me around. I hope to be driving myself one of these days!!!
I joined the CIB swap hosted by Kim C and Cheryl (who can't come due to surgery. We will miss her) and it is done and packaged up. The swap is 3x3 cardds with a spring theme. I have seen peeks of some of the participants cards and can't wait to have them all together. Kim is going to be making a wooden board to put them all on and we can buy that tonight. so excited.

Here are my 3x3 cards, bags and the tags I used for the swap

Wed nite was our regular class at Jan's. We made 3 awesome cards. Good nite. And we got to see Jan's new lo water washer. Hmmm nope not for me I have to have my clothes covered in water to feel like they are clean. This thing weighs your load and then adds just the right amount of water but Jan says the clothes are never covered in water. Technology!!!!


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