A Simple Quiet Sunday


Today has been a simple quiet day. Not much action here like yesterday. I even slept in which is so unusual for me as I am usually up at the crack of dawn drinking my coffee. It was a leisurely morning with coffee and a fresh fruit smoothie to start my day. I tackled my mental to do list and seemed to finish it in pretty good time. The weather is beautiful with a warm fresh breeze blowing in the windows and bright sunshine. My flowers and bushes are blooming and are beautiful.

My bougainvillea recovering from a freeze

The honey suckle rallying

I even managed a long bike ride. It is very quiet in the neighborhood today so a great day for a ride.

A trip to Trader Joe's for fresh fruits and veggies

The house cleaned dusted and vacuumed

The used soap nuts boiled and liquid soap made

Laundry done

It has been a good weekend. Tomorrow starts another week with lots to complete and accomplish. But what a great weekend it has been. Family food fun nothing better


Maija said…
What's a soap nut?????

I drove all the way to Mill and Southern today for a Dutch Mocha coffee!!!

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