Successful Pasta Making Day

Today was such a fun day. We usually try to get together at least monthly to catch up as a family. It has been quite awhile since we were together for some fun and food. So today TJ, Jenn, John and Sadera and Anthony all showed up for a marathon of pasta making. TJ had purchased a pasta machine and a ravioli maker and was anxious to give it a try. There was lots of laughter and uncertainty when TJ arrived with the lobsters and a ton of other things to make different pastas. Anthony wasn't too sure about touching the lobsters but finally pitched in to help TJ. We had lots of help cranking the pasta machine. At the days end we probably made about 10-12 dozen ravioli and lots of spaghetti. We made 3 different kinds of ravioli, spinach, chicken, and lobster ravioli. All I can say is it was yummy, yummy yummy. Jenn brought a fresh tossed salad and what a meal it was.

Anthony modeling his apron

Sadera in hers

Helping Uncle TJ unload the truck

Anthony and his lobster

Making the pasta dough


1st pasta through the machine

TJ filling the ravioli with spinach mix

It was such a beautiful warm sunny day that everyone ended up being outside for some fresh air. Anthony was on his skateboard and Sadera was happy doing cartwheels. Just the perfect ending to a perfect day


Maija said…
Any leftovers?!?!?!?

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