Tina's debut

This past week can best be described by Maija and her newest blog post. It was a week from hell to put it bluntly!!! Maija did such a great piece on ups and downs so if you get a chance to read her post please do. I keep being told that karma has a way of evening things out and I so hope that is exactly what will happen.

So on with the true reason for this post. I had approached Tina a couple of months ago about teaching a class for some friends new to the scrapping and art world. Tina had decided to leave the storefront teaching arena and strike out on her own with her dream of teaching out of her home. Tina was so enthusiastic and soon had a class developed, date set and was ready to go. Yesterday was her grand debut and it was a successful day. She had put so much work into planning the day so we could all enjoy, eat and create. I volunteered to help however she needed me and so I headed out Saturday a bit early as I had no clue other than Chandler Heights dirt road where I was headed. Tina's email to all of us was explicit don't follow mapquest follow her directions. Well I plugged her address into my GPS and off I went. No problems other than I realized I was going to arrive earlier than I had said due to no traffic. Heck on a Sat who would think the traffic would be so light. Anyway I make all the turns and am so proud of myself I am not lost I am doing great. Wrong!!! No street signs when I get to the dirt roads. OOPS maybe I should have listened to Tina but too late. GPS says I missed my corner but I never saw a corner or road or sign. So .5 miles it says turn right and I do. Well big big mistake. This is a dirt road from hell with pot holes as big as the Grand Canyon. I attempted to straddle the ruts and just let the previous peoples tire tracks take me. Good thing it was just a short distance before I turned on to a paved street. I found Tina and even though she had just gotten out of the shower she welcomed me into her beautiful home. I have to say that was the only misadventure of the day. Everyone else followed Tina's directions and so had no problems go figure.

Our class was full of fun techniques, I was surprised as I was to be a helper and sweet Tina had a kit for me too.
Tina is a wonderful instructor upbeat positive funny. Her kit was packed with goodies. Amanda my Dietician joined us for the class and we had the whole table to ourselves as 2 people were unable to come. Hope you are feeling better Jean and poor Colleen's daughter had to spend her day in traffic school yuck.

Not only did we have beautiful ornaments as a sweet gift to us, we had cute packaged kits and yummy food.

Great debut Tina looking forward to the next class


Cover to our mini album + a layout was provided

Amanda's kit and name tag

Ornament which could also be a gift card holder. Mine is on my mini tree with my name tag

Tina had set up a small table in the entryway with some of her things for sale. I bought one of her beautiful flower pins

All that yummy food

Sharon in the back Amanda sitting working away

I bet you are all wondering what the heck I took a pic of a chair for?? Well this is a very special chair. Tina used to work for Waylen and Jessi Jennings and when he passed away this chair was given to her. It was Waylen's chair. Yeap I sat in it:) It is a huge chair although it doesn't look like it in the pic.

A fun relaxing day. Now on to Christmas decorating, laundry, groceries and all that. Looking forward to a much better week and hope you all have a great week


Tina said…
Thank you so much for all the kind words Sherry! It was such a fun day and I appreciate your help and your friendship so much!!!! :)
Looking forward to another class soon.
Andrea said…
Looks wonderful Sherry! Loe the projects:)

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