Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy and Productive Weekend

This has been a great weekend. probably the first weekend in almost a year that I completely relaxed and enjoyed. Bought time I say!!!

I took time to get my fountain back up and running yeah me!! I was ready to throw it out but decided one last time to see if I could get it to run and whatever I did I have no clue but it is tinkling away merrily. It just gives a cooler feeling to the area on these hot days.

Then I planted 3 hydrangeas. I have my fingers crossed I can keep them alive as these are one of my favorite flowers. According to a lady that unasked just walked up and told me I would not be able to keep them from dying (thank you doubter) I chose a more positive approach and have absolutely no expectations. If they survive me and this climate yeah and if not I tried

Saturday Amanda and I took a class from Suzette Ricks. Although the photos uploaded out of order you can still see what a cute mini album this is. Waiting on my photos and then it will be filled. Thanks Suzette for a fun day.

Before I started laundry and all that good stuff I headed out for a bike ride on the canal. Plan was to do a very long ride and instead it ended up being shorter than I wanted. Some days the knees just don't cooperate. Looking forward to more regular rides even though it is getting warmer.

And to finish my day I made a new recipe for dinner. It actually turned out like the photo and it is good. Very rich but good. I am enjoying getting a new recipe every day in my inbox from My recipes

And lastly I made no kneed bread thanks to Sara whose blog I follow. I have to say it is yummy and I could eat the whole loaf tonight. Using lots of restraint

So there is my weekend in a brief nutshell. Tomorrow marks the last of our May birthdays when TJ turns 36!!!!


Maija said...

I am so happy things are looking up!!!

Tina said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Happy for Suzette and her class! And wow...that food looks great! Don't know if I would have enough restraint not to eat ALL the bread! Yum!

Kim Caldwell said...

What a wonderful weekend Sherry! Hope your week proves to be just as lovely. Maybe one of those flowerpots needs to be on your desk!!