Still working

My blogger is giving me fits today as it doesn't want to upload my pics. I know it couldn't be me. Well it is Sunday and I'm still working on the kitchen. I emptied everything off my oak cart (Dad built this) oiled it down and moved it into the living room. It works great for an extra lamp and a place for pictures and my antique perfume bottle collection.

OK, now these stools are not RED. They are actually a cranberry color. Oh well I still haven't figued out why the pics are turning out a different color on blogger. My kitchen theme is French Country so am trying to pull in the greens, yellows and instead of red I wanted a cranberry color. I decided to try painting the stools instead of getting new ones at least for a bit.

Cupboards are back together. Getting used to the new colors
Pics are from walmart and I bought plain unfinished wood frames and dry brushed the green on them. I'm actually pleased with how these turned out. I even used my new paint containers I grabbed yesterday hee hee


dang you work fast! do you hire out? i have a list a mile long to be done! where o where do you get your motovation? love the stand that's awesome! and all the new paint loods awesome! i'm also jealous about the stuff you got from rusty pickle! fun day!

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