Recap of Saturday

Colleen and I took classes from Gina from Rusty Pickle both Friday and Saturday. I now have 2 completed mini albums and a file folder album. Gina was a wonderful fun instructor. Kudos to DM for having her.
Following the class we picked up Beth and ate a quick lunch at TC's and then headed to Phoenix to a new paper arts store we had heard about "Lucky 15" This is a really cute little artsy store with lots of treasures. Loved the red door.

The shopping bags are stamped with Lucky 15 and also the tags on each item are stamped with Lucky 15. Store has really neat containers filled with all sorts of fun things. Products like paper and embellishments are arranged by colors so that was fun. No matter the product line if it was black it was in the black section. Too fun. Colleen found tons and tons of stuff and I limited myself to a few select items. Loved the unique wood monograms in all different sizes. I think we went through every bin to find a C for Colleen. S's were easy to find.

Following the Lucky 15 adventure we hit a couple of antique stors and scored on some "antique" treasures. The first antique market was a riot as they had a grey parrot that entertained us as well as an alternative lifestyles section. Now there was a sign not big mind you before you entered this section explaining what this was and of course Colleen and I didn't see it. When we got in this section we just looked at each other and started laughing. Some customers???? did not appreciate our humor. Let me tell ya the vintage alternative lifestyles stuff is a hoot! So anyway we didn't get anything there not our style hee hee. On to the next antique store and there we found jewelry and Colleen found some really neat treasures like an old drafting table that she bought despite my reservations it would not fit in the car!!!!! Hello Colleen this is big. Standard line via Colleen "It is a Mercedes it will fit" aha ya right. Would any one care to guess how many ways we tried to fit it in??? The top came off and still wouldn't fit. In the process we spilled Beth's ice tea all over the front seat luckily they are leather. Finally a nice young guy came out and we unscrewed one set of legs and we managed to get it into the car. Now where was my camera as this was a classical Colleen moment! We were hot and tired after this little adventure. All in all a good day full of laughter, friendship and creativity.

Now back to laundry, cleaning Fun!!!!


oh my goodness i wish i could've been there it sounds hilarious and just like colleen! glad you had a wonderful time and found some awesome treasures!

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