Winding down

Accordian album that fits inside of the tin box

Front of box
Back of box

Colleen and I had class Tuesday nite at Devine Memories. Fun Fun Fun. Lots of laughter and"girl" talk. Next class is Saturday 20 in 3. That should be another great class.
Can't believe that Thursday is finally here. Usually I take Friday off but not this Friday. Have an interview with a potential employee so it is off to work I go tomorrow.
Looking forward to the weekend. TJ is coming down from Casa Grande to help entertain the grandkids. We are having a sleepover as Mommy and Daddy John are headed to Tuscan to a wedding. Should be lots of swimming, games and movies. Just fun. I bet Mr A will be taking pics again too funny. so will have pics to post come Sunday nite. later.....


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