It's a mess!!!

Well today is the day. I finally decided enough is enough and I need to get busy and get started on the painting. I decided to paint the kitchen cupboards. Well this is turning into a bigger job than I had anticipated. I picked an oliveish type green and a buttery yellow for the cupboards. Here is a selctive picture so far. Notice I say selective as I am not showing you the bigger mess. In the process of painting I'm also cleaning out the drawers and cupboards. Yeap just like me jump in and create a big mess. The colors are wonky on here and don't look true but you get the idea. Home Depot has everything ha ha I found the tile for the 2nd bedroom and hallway and that is pretty true to color. so break is over and back to painting cupboards it is so fun!!!


looks good so far! you've got a ton of work done! and on the positive side you don't have others digging thru your kitchen and drawers while your painting! i took that battle on about 4yrs ago. it's very time consuming! the outcome is worth it in the long run! don't be too tired for tomorrow though!

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