Good and Bad Times

Another long stretch and no blogging. I guess I must be getting lazy! Really not much new going on these days.
Work has been going smoothly. Vaccinating staff and patients with the regular flu vaccine. We are not considered high priority so no H1N1 vaccine is available as of yet. I am in queue whatever that means for a shipment sometime in October thru December. Oh yeah!!!!
I brought in Mexican Thursday for the administrative staff and we all had lunch together. It was good to sit and visit with everyone.

Now lets discuss Friday. A day from HELL. I awakened to my alarm and sleepily stumbled out to get a cup of coffee. Oh and what greeted me was a flooded kitchen, laundry room and part way into the living room. I knew exactly where the leak was. The culprit was the laundry room. So out I go in my PJ’s in 50-degree weather to see the water running down my driveway. Tried to shut off the main water to the house unsuccessfully and then waded through water to the area where a pipe had popped off and tried to shove it back on. Despite freezing and getting soaking wet no success. So back to the house to get out of my wet clothes, call work and tell them I am not coming, call my daughter to come see if she could get the main water valve off and heat up a cup of coffee. My daughter came over and with brute force thought we shut off the water. On a funny or not note the water was running through the kitchen like a river and out my French doors to the patio. The patio had a ton of water on it too. Luckily I have a wet vac so I began sucking up all the water. Living room first to get it up off my wood floors then the kitchen was next. At 7 I called an emergency plumber and received the great message he would be there between 12-2pm. After it was finally light enough to see well I again went outside only to discover that the water is not shutoff and it is still pouring out. No wonder I was making zero progress in vacuuming up the water. So little ole me tried one more time to shove the pipe back on and despite being soaked again I managed to get it on enough that the water quit coming into the house but was still running down the driveway. Changed clothes again and started the whole process of sucking up water again. Geesh 4 vacuum buckets of water later and I had most of it done.
In the meanwhile I discovered I had no Internet service. Grrrrr the day is getting a bit worse. Called ATT and guess what they route the call to technical assistance in guess where???INDIA. Can I understand the lady NO. Can she understand me NO, so she has me do all this stuff and Is she able to fix it NO still no Internet. Do I have satellite NO do I have cable NO do I have a fax NO (I am techno behind :) So she puts me on hold a million and one times with crappy music comes back on and says sorry can’t find problem going to do more tests and will call back in 10 minutes but that I should get on the Internet and see what I can find for technical assistance from ATT. Hello I have no Internet. She never calls back, I got busy, plumber comes and within 30 minutes water leak is repaired with new copper piping, main shut off valve is repaired with beautiful new copper piping and reasonably priced
. No internet still!I call back and voice dislike of ATT service and get transferred where to India AGAIN this time to someone who speaks better English. I plug unplug and do everything he asks for an hour to find out “Your signals are good coming into the house and the in-house signals are good don’t know why you have no Internet may I help you with something else???? Ya I need Internet. So if I want ATT techno guy to come out it is $199 dollars if it is outside wiring free if not then $149 for a new Modem box. Oh ya and they only work on Mondays 9-4. So I say no thanks and am now going to look into another provider.
So this is long and you would think my day is ending on a great note no water leak no Internet. I am standing in the kitchen getting something for dinner and am suddenly plunged into darkness. Yeap to top my day the electricity goes off. Look up SRP number call and the guy asks for address give it to him and he said oh my there is an outage in Chandler hellooooooooooo that is why I am calling. Expected time of fix 7PM. It is 5:30 it is dark and no electricity. Oh ya and would I like a call when it is fixed and the electricity has been restored?? Ummmm no thank you I think I will know.
So this is Friday Great day wouldn’t you say???
More to follow tomorrow stay tuned


Cheryl said…
WOW...what a day you had. I'm so sorry, Sherry, but I must admit I was chuckling while reading your post, as I've had the same experience with the technical calls to India. Sheesh! Glad you have internet, power and less water flowing through your house!

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