My goodness it has been a long dry spell since I last blogged. No real reason just not a whole lot to say these days. Life remains busy and nothing too exciting just the work, laundry, clean house and play a bit routine. I am still looking forward to cooler temperatures. We had a week of 80's and that was such a tease as it is now back in the 100's this weekend.

My daughter Jenn is doing a major renovation in her bathroom and has kept all of us thoroughly entertained with her Dear Diary posts. Jenn and kids stopped by Wednesday for showers as they were in desperate need of them. Anthony had the best line when he got out of the shower "my feet feel so clean!" He was quite the happy camper to have clean feet!

Other than that excitement it was a boring week here. I am finally maybe over whatever bug I picked up and am able to do a bit more. It sucked not having any energy at all. I basically laid or sat for 2 weeks. Glad to have it hopefully gone.

Yesterday was Bountiful Baskets and this was a great week. A few more veggies and the usual tons of fruit. Lemons this time so need to make something with them. We did get strange fruit that none of us have seen. Anyone know what this is let me know.
Small area on my tea cart with a few Halloween decorations

My newest little Boo girl

Been doing a little scrapping. This is a scrap lift from Paper Vineyards. Loved it when I saw the example in the store so came home and put this together with my take on it. This is my Dad's Mother's baby picture. She passed away when he was very young so there are very few pics of her. It is one of my favorite pictures.

Anthony post shower and note his hair is combed!! He is letting it grow out and it is usually sticking out everywhere

Yes dear sister I am back on my chocolate and yes I do feel better when I eat it 3 times per day as I am supposed to. Just got my second order in so will be better about remembering to eat it.
I really do feel better, sleep better when I am taking it

I had ordered some flower pins from Jamie and they came wrapped in the most beautiful packaging. I hated to open them up. Loved the jeweled magnets Jamie enclosed
It is such a joy to open her packages.

And finally a pic of Colleen's witch I made her for her birthday. She loves green witches

Hopefully I can get my act together and it won't be as long a wait before my next blog post. Have a great week all


Tina said…
Sherry....I think they are persimmons. You can google them and find some recipes.
Tina said…
OH....and I see the layout you did from PV's sample. It turned out great. I love it! And a little peek of the ATC holder we fun! :)
Sandy Michelle said…
Hey girl, Those are Persimmons (Kaki in Italian) You have to eat them when they go really soft and turn a bright orange. They taste sooooo good! I noticed my pumpkin among your decor :) Happy Fall!

Sandy xoxo

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