Done at least for today

Finally I'm done in my room. It is clean, mopped and a lot better organized than it was. I can't finish the other 3 walls until I find wall paper but at least a very big job is completed. Here are some before and after photos.
My tables prior to purging, organizing and cleaning. Everything kind of ended up on the tables while I was organizing the book case
Wall that the book case is on. Prior to painting.

Clean table. Organized!!!!

All my stamps are now in the wire baskets by theme. Well I'll qualify that most of my stamps. The Christmas stamps aren't in there. Just need to get labels for the drawers

And the book case filled with all my stuff. Probably this will be organized many times before I finally get it right for me to use efficiently but it is done!!
I even mamaged to sweep and clean living room and kitchen and the floors are all mopped! Now on to laundry oh yeah


Kim said…
it looks wonderful! i love how you have your altered book on top of the book case for display!
Michelle Devine said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE your room

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