Sneak Peak

Today was the day!! I finally said no more I need to get my scrap room organized. I started at 6 this am and sorted, threw away and gave away alot of stuff. I'm sure my daughter's husband John appreciates all the wonderful new toys, papers, pens and glue he is now the proud owner of hee hee.
Anyway, I painted my one wall whiskey barrel and painted it so that it looked pretty shabby old. My idea for the room will progress in sections. Jenn and Sadera came over and we headed to Ikea and I found my book shelf. With a bit of pushing shoving we managed to get it in to the Element. Came home unloaded and met Anthony and John for lunch. Then to Home Depot for wall paper. Guess what they don't sell wallpaper. Bummers/ So a quick stop at walmart and we were once again home. The book shelf went together surprisingly easy till we had to put the last side on. We struggled quite awhile but we mastered it and moved this heavey thing into my room. OOPS we put the one side on wrong way so the wall mount is at the botom instead of the top. Jenn and I looked at each other and said oops noway are we taking that side off. TJ will need to come up with an idea for securing to the wall. Actually with all the stuff that is already on it it is not moving. I love it and am filling it up fast. So what you see below is a sneak peak. The rest of the room, kitchen, and living room are total diasters!!!! More work tomorrow is awaiting me


Kim said…
looks wonderfu!!!! love the color on the wall!! i'm sure you'll have lots of fun in there when it's done!

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