Spring, Bling and Classes

As usual this has been a busy week. I over extended (me you say??) and signed up for 4 classes this week. Loved each one of them and learned new techniques in each one of them but today I'm tired. For the most part I have completed all the projects and need to put pictures on the layouts.
Spring has finally arrived and I'm hoping that as the days go on my plant life will continue to recover from the freeze. I'm trying really hard to be patient and not prune all the dead stuff off as the experts have said be patient. Patience is not one of my many virtues! below is my blooming vine. It survived and is so pretty. Friday was a soldering class in Phoenix and before class Colleen and I went shopping. Surprise us shopping!!! I seem to be into B-L-I-N-G so below are my newest bling finds. A bracelet and watch with tons of bling.

Thursday was class with Michelle, continuing our book of me. This month was likes and dislikes Here is the page of likes

Tuesday was "Follow the Leader with Michelle and Kim at Devine Memories". I have to get a pic and journaling on Michelle's which was working with clay. Anthony loves it so all is good. Kim's class was weaving and this picture of Sadera was perfect for this layout.

Friday was soldering class at Lucky 15. Not a good pic but ya get the general idea. I have lots of practice ahead to master this technique

Saturday we were back to Devine Memories and Amy's class with chipboard. I learned lots of new techniques of using chipboard and have some great embellishments and 2 very unique layouts.

So today is my day of kick back and chill. Just a few things like laundry, clean the house and yeap work on the pool. Hope everyone has had a great week and I'm looking forward to INVESTING in a new week


Kim said…
oh i so "enjoyed" all your pictures! love that photo of sadera! looks great on there! love the bracelet and if it ever needs a new home you know where you can find one!

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