Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last Days of July

My Sister and I were talking the other day how quickly the summer seems to be passing by. The days are here and gone before I seem to accomplish all I need to or want to. Soon August will be here and then on to the holidays. Must be my age but time seems to move much too quickly these days.

I was lucky enough to have a 3 day weekend this past weekend and I filled it t the top with "chores" playing with family and friends and attending a fund raiser for the sweetest little boy ever.
My daughter Jenn and her husband got heavily involved in assisting with the fund raiser at a local neighborhood bar exactly 1 mile from my house. How great was that?? Sadera made bracelets to sell out of guitar pics, John of course played with his fellow band members Hello Swindon and Jenn and Anthony helped with all of it. I am so proud of them. Sadera sold out her bracelets to the tune of $700 and Jenn thought the tally she heard last night was 19,000 dollars. So despite the heat and humidity it was a great way to spend an evening. Below are just a few of the pics from last night. Most are on my FB page as requested.

Brox and his Daddy. Brox was recently diagnosed with Batten's disease. A very nasty genetic disease with very short life expectancy. He is the sweetest little one just broke my heart

Sadera manning her table full of bracelets

My bracelet

The best ever cupcakes donated by a new shop next door

Sadera and Jenn can you tell we were roasting

Jenn and Anthony

Sadera and her friends

John on drums playing Most of the pics Jenn took with my camera. The lighting was horrible so the band pics weren't turning out very well As a side note on their quest for health and well being John has lost close to 90lbs with exercise and a modified diet. Jenn is on the Scottsdale Insurance wellness program and has lost 11lbs so far go kids

More band

And every afternoon/evening the clouds come in we get a little wind or big as the case may be and then nothing no rain Who would think I would be wanting rain!

All of us kind of sort of played hooky Thursday and had lunch at the Olive Garden Nice break for all of us

And of course a week ago was pedi day with Jenn and Sadera They were to send pics of their designs but alas I think the pony express is even slower than usual. Anyway here is my newest design And I am thinking one of the favorites next to the Alice in Wonderland one I had
So another busy week ahead and tomorrow after work, I am off to the Grand Opening of Craftfusion. New store in Chandler with lots of anticipated classes and supplies
Have a great week everyone

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the family Greyson and Cambelle!!!!
Saturday morning in a hospital in New York and to the radio playing "Born in the USA" in the OR Zach and Amy became the proud parents of twins. My sister is now finally a Grandmother. Yeah Jo!!! It was so appropriate that that was the song playing as they were delivered. Greyson is the smaller of the two at 5# 3 oz and Cambelle weighed a whopping 5# 9 oz Cambelle has her Mom's dark hair and looks like lots of it and Greyson is sandy colored. With their hats on I couldn't tell them apart.
We are all overjoyed that these two sweeties are the 4th and 5th Great Grandchildren in the family.
Big congrats Amy and Zach we are all so thrilled and excited for you. Looking like Tuesday the little family will be discharged.
First family photo

Greyson is by Amy's arm and Cambelle is being kissed by Amy

Proud proud Papa holding his newborns

And so it begins with 2 of everything

Now I am waiting for a special friend to have her little one then baby watch is over I think