Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the family Greyson and Cambelle!!!!
Saturday morning in a hospital in New York and to the radio playing "Born in the USA" in the OR Zach and Amy became the proud parents of twins. My sister is now finally a Grandmother. Yeah Jo!!! It was so appropriate that that was the song playing as they were delivered. Greyson is the smaller of the two at 5# 3 oz and Cambelle weighed a whopping 5# 9 oz Cambelle has her Mom's dark hair and looks like lots of it and Greyson is sandy colored. With their hats on I couldn't tell them apart.
We are all overjoyed that these two sweeties are the 4th and 5th Great Grandchildren in the family.
Big congrats Amy and Zach we are all so thrilled and excited for you. Looking like Tuesday the little family will be discharged.
First family photo

Greyson is by Amy's arm and Cambelle is being kissed by Amy

Proud proud Papa holding his newborns

And so it begins with 2 of everything

Now I am waiting for a special friend to have her little one then baby watch is over I think


Maija said…
OMG!! They are so tiny!! Your sister must be delighted! So that makes you a great-aunt?
Georgee said…
Oh, how precious and tiny little miracles they are! Congrats!

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