Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Ramblings

This has been one hot and humid week with a few dust and wind storms and a little rain thrown in. I'm so ready for the humidity to leave us. My poor pool gets cleaned one day and fills up with dirt and debris by the evening. Yeap got to love monsoons!!!!!!
Work is the same ole stuff nothing new. We all just keep plugging along doing our jobs with little hitches here and there.
Took classes the last 2 Saturdays. and our altered book club was last Sunday. Actually last week end was a busy one thankfully it is quieter this weekend. so without further comments pics of classes follow. Not much to say today.
Sneek peek of Altered Book I'm working on. This is our last round and August will be our last meeting. Not finished yet but you can get the gist of it.
Yesterdays class with a new instructor at Devine Memories, Renee. Friends album. Fun class and I even managed to almost finish the book. Could be less gabbing as Colleen wasn't there. Just kidding Colleen!

Wednesday's class : Our regular Stampin Up meeting. Fun and creative as we used the new stamp sets that have come out to create cards and a scrapbook page

Last Saturday the 21st was Christmas in July at Devine Memories with Michelle, Sandy and Kim creating Christmas projects. I do have these completed yeah me!!!!

Kim's altered book. Love this concept and have a million more ideas for more books OK I just noticed in this pic that the ghost snowflake I have been looking for since class last Saturday is stuck on Kim's book. Nope the star is not to be there hmmmmm at least I have found it! Now to put it where I can find it ha ha

Michelle's altered cupboard door. Again so fun and yeap as most of you realize lately BLING is my thing so lots of BLING on this one

Sandy's Peace accordian folded album. Still need to get pics on this one

Friday, July 20, 2007


Well it is supposed to be monsoon season and even though it feels like it with the humidity the weather forcasters tell us we are not there yet??? Monday nite I thought for sure we were headed for a big nasty storm but alas nothing no rain a little wind. The sky sure looked threatening.

Took a great fun class with Michelle at Devine Memories last Saturday. "Wild Boyz" This was fun as usually the albums are not boy related so I now have a fun little album for Anthony. Have pics in it but no journaling.
Sneek peek of a project I have been working on for Altered Book Club More to be revealed in August.

Have the day off and I need to get ambitious and head to the bank. Grandkids coming over while Jenn & John attend a social function. We have projects, swimming and maybe dinner with Colleen if she makes it home in time.
A busy weekend ahead as I have class "Christmas in July" at Devine Memories tomorrow from 10-7 and Altered Book Club on Sunday. So yeap I need to get busy and get house cleaned, laundry done and oh yeah thanks to the big dust storm and I guess rain I have mud on the patio and my sparkling pool I worked all week on is full of junk.
If you get a chance stop by Kim's "Missalayneeah " site and check out the cool stuff she has for sale. Besides her wood cutouts she has some great empherma for altered art.
Back to work oh yeah!!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

It is hard to believe that a week ago I was in Iowa where it was cool, green and humid. Now I'm back in Az and it is HOT HOT HOT. Got to love Az!!! Work was busy with the usual end of the month reports and payroll. Pool was not working when I got back but have it fixed and it is filtering and it is crystal clear today well if you don't look at the bottom. Plan to get out and get it cleaned shortly.
Colleen left for her 2 week trip to Washington so I imagine it will be fairly quiet here. Her new cat of 2 weeks is going with her. Just imagine that!
7/7/07 came and went. Other than a big turmoil with my daughter's ex over not bringing the kids back from a court ordered overnite visit, involving the Tempe police it was pretty quiet. Kids are home safe and sound and the $#@$%^&^$## thinks he has won. what a low life dead beat dad. enough said as those that know him know he is worthless
Had lunch with friends at Crackers. Lets just say free dessert didn't make up for crabby, aggressive, poor service. Despite the waitress being rude the little girls were so sweet and kept telling her "Thank you" they have been brought up well. Us 3 big girls although we were polite were fuming!!!! Food was good though.

Finished Victoria's book for Altered Book Club. Hers was less difficult to work in that the last one. Victoria's theme was Gods, Dieties. Fun to research and come up with ideas.
So the pool is calling off to clean it. Below are some more pics of Iowa and of Victoria's book.
Dianna the Huntress


Hindu Goddesses

Dad, my brother Steve and his wife Kate

Dad, my brother Scott, his wife Sheryl and their son Keegan without his shirt

Mom and my sister Jo with the flowers TJ got them. TJ and his Aunt Jo had been teasing each other all week so he brought her dead flowers

The black squirrel we all called EVIL

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

60 years

Well finally I was able to upload some pictures of our trip to Iowa. TJ and I flew back on the 23rd to celebrate Mom and Dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary. We then spent a week relaxing and enjoying family. So this is a very long post with lots of pics of our week and the celebration so brace yourselves. Mom and Dad
Note see Dad's beard. Early's 125th birthday is coming up so Dad is growing a beard Almost didn't recognize him when I got out of the car
TJ and I behind the serving table. Jo and I spent about a month making and buying decorations, frames and etc to decorate with

Top of the piano

Another pic of the serving table

The sign in table

Friday the 29th their actual anniversary we hosted a family dinner with a whole new set of decorations and a trivia game designed around Mom and Dad

TJ playing!! He had a ball riding the mower

BBQ at my brother Steve's home see the green houses behind us??

BBQ at my brother Scott's home. Needless to say we all ate well this past week

Pic of the wind generators

Mom and Dad in the cornfield
Trip to the Prairie Peddlar This is a farm that has been converted to a flower place really a neat place to see

Barn at the Prairie Peddlar. People in Iowa have painted quilts on plywood and then the electric company comes out and mounts them. we saw tons of these quilts throughout the state. I think there is even a website about all of these.
So anyway it was a great party and a wonderful week. Humid but temps in the 70's what more could you want