60 years

Well finally I was able to upload some pictures of our trip to Iowa. TJ and I flew back on the 23rd to celebrate Mom and Dad's 60th Wedding Anniversary. We then spent a week relaxing and enjoying family. So this is a very long post with lots of pics of our week and the celebration so brace yourselves. Mom and Dad
Note see Dad's beard. Early's 125th birthday is coming up so Dad is growing a beard Almost didn't recognize him when I got out of the car
TJ and I behind the serving table. Jo and I spent about a month making and buying decorations, frames and etc to decorate with

Top of the piano

Another pic of the serving table

The sign in table

Friday the 29th their actual anniversary we hosted a family dinner with a whole new set of decorations and a trivia game designed around Mom and Dad

TJ playing!! He had a ball riding the mower

BBQ at my brother Steve's home see the green houses behind us??

BBQ at my brother Scott's home. Needless to say we all ate well this past week

Pic of the wind generators

Mom and Dad in the cornfield
Trip to the Prairie Peddlar This is a farm that has been converted to a flower place really a neat place to see

Barn at the Prairie Peddlar. People in Iowa have painted quilts on plywood and then the electric company comes out and mounts them. we saw tons of these quilts throughout the state. I think there is even a website about all of these.
So anyway it was a great party and a wonderful week. Humid but temps in the 70's what more could you want


Kim said…
love all the pictures! and you 2 did a WONDERFUL job on all the decorations! it turned out gr8! i'm sure they loved it!
Michelle Devine said…
great pics Sherry. It looks so pretty there. Green. And the decorations looked great.

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