Sunday, October 28, 2007

It is all good

Another whirlwind weekend. I think the weekends go by faster and faster. Maybe I try to get so much accomplished and go go go, that they speed by! It was a fun weekend and I was able to pick up a few goodies for my tree. My plan is to have a different more shabby tree this year with pastels. Hmmm we will see if I manage that. But hey I live alone and I will enjoy my tree.
Friday was clean and laundry day. I am pleased to say no further plumbing problems like last weekend.
Saturday was "Starbucks" and Phoenix day. Colleen and I headed to Melrose and I was able to find an ornament and the neatest frog flower jar. Love it. From Melrose we hit a small antique shop and although there was cute stuff nothing I fancied. Then to Rust and Roses where I found a few more ornaments. From there we went to our favorite Olive Annie. Yeap we both found clothes but yeap we both resisted. Prices above our budgets. Surprised huh???? We were both hungry so off to Wildflower and the most wonderful pumpkin soup. The best I think I have had. Then on to Peddlars Wife to check out what was on sale. Got a very few things there. and then to Market Square. Found more breadpans but didn't buy and a few more ornaments. Then home. I was tired!!!
Sadera came to spend the evening with me as Mr A was at a birthday sleepover and Mom & Dad were heading to a "Mystery Who Dun it" dinner. Jenn was given the role of the fan club president so she was dressed dorky with her hair done by Ms Sadera. John was the DR so we gave him a bloody ear bandage. Guess they had a great evening and said how much fun it was. Meanwhile on the home front Sadera and I made 8 pumpkins for the table at Thanksgiving. We played the "Uninvited Guest" a game Colleen had given the kids and watched movies. Good quiet evening with Sadera.
Below our pics of my finds
Sadera took these pics of our pumpkins. Jan (Stampin UP) had taught us to make these at our last monthly class. Sadera was really great at helping.

John and Jenn ready for their nite out

Ornaments I found at Market Square and the cone shaped things are egg cup holders cute huh?

Bird ornament from Rust and Roses

Wreaths and Jingle Bell from Rust and Roses

My frog flower jar from Melrose

Cute little figure from Melrose

Christmas doves. These are Kim's wooden doves that I altered for my tree. I think she will be selling them at Silver Bella so check out her vendor table! Didn't quite get the holes drilled in the place I needed so they would hang straight. But still love them

Snowflakes I am making again for my tree. This is a Stampin Up stamp. Takes a long time to cut out the snowflake but it is worth it. The little wooden birds are from Kim's Etsy store

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Another busy weekend is ending. It seems like today should be Saturday and not Sunday. As I said in my previous post Friday was a bust, cleaning up after my small??? plumbing problem. I am happy to say that the stuff I dumped in the drain and left for 8++++hours worked its magic and all drains seem to be doing well. I say this with my fingers crossed!
Yesterday started early. A group of us met at Crackers in Mesa and had a baby shower for a dear friend. Good food, good laughs good time. Following the shower we headed to Mesa and Peddlar's Wife. Each of us had something we were looking for and most of us found these items. From Peddlars Wife to lunch and then to Market Square. Yahoo I found the bread pans I was coveting. Snatched them up quick and even found enough for Colleen, Kim, and Michelle Yeah for us. Also found another flour sack towel that was reasonable, and 2 more halloween ornaments to match the ones my sister sent me.
From Market Square we headed to Devine Memories to the silent auction. I was very lucky and was able to get all 3 of the items I had bid on.
So today TJ and I went over to Jenn's for a BBQ again good food and good to hang out with the family. many things I could be doing but... just kicking back as tomorrow is work again oh yeah

When I got home last nite this was on my doorstep. I had ordered it awhile ago so good to finally get it

My bread pans from Market Square

Halloween ornaments

Flour sack towel

Kim's "Peace" that I bid and won at Devine Memories Silent Auction for Autism

Another win Alie Edwards signed book

And lastly Teresa McFayden's Tea Cups

Great weekend. And by the way I am walking Nov 4th in The Autism Walk at Tempe Town Lakes. We are a part of the Devine Memories Team. Go us. Taking donations at my home page site and would appreciate any help anyone can give.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Trials!!!

I did have great plans for today, a day I took off from work. But great plans changed and I am in the middle of a water problem!! It all started last nite when my bathroom flooded into my bedroom. Soggy carpet, 2 " water sitting in the bathroom and bedroom. Good thing I have a wet vac. It was certainly put to good use. Then it was noted that none of the drains in the house were working: bathrooms, showers, stools, sinks. So being the ever resourceful person I am, I dumped one bottle of drain cleaner down one of the drains. Yes 1 bottle. Let it sit and lo and behold everything worked again. so here I am left with a soggy mess. Get up this am and think, logically mind you I will do laundry. Big big mistake. now nothing is working again and dear Mr Roter Rooter Man is busy. Yeah right. So once again I am sitting in a flooded bedroom vacuuming up water and praising the fact I own my on home. Good news I cleaned up my bedroom and got rid of 3 garbage bags of clothes. Bad news, no shower at least for awhile, no dishes can be done so I am forced to play on my computer.

On to more positive news. I hosted a match box swap for Halloween. What a fun swap and below are the pics of what we all did. These look real cute on my tree. Colleen wants to do Thanksgiving and Christmas swaps. In fact she is done with her Thanksgiving one. so guess we will do that

Hope you are all having a much more fun day. Back to seeing to my plumbing problem

Monday, October 15, 2007

Doing the Happy Dance

I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of a special package from Heather at Speckled Egg. It was the dress swap that I had joined. Well today was the day and I was so excited to open the mailbox and there was "the package". Loved all of my little dresses and can't wait to get them all hung up in my scrap room. Fun fun swap!
and I just noticed I have had over 3000 visitors to my blog since June of 2006. Wow who knew?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quiet day

It's been a busy past couple of days, so today I'm kicking back and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Well Az fall weather that is. Friday was supposed to be a short day of shopping with Colleen and turned into a marathon. I was so tired by the time I got home. Found some neat stuff at the Peddlars Wife.. They are still clearing out stuff for there going out of business sell. We stopped at the Paper Studio and I was able to pick up a few staples for my altered art. Got the new stickles colors. Love the cinamon as it looks like root beer.

Saturday was Renee's Book of Spells at Devine Memories. It was a fun class and my book is finished. Michelle's Aunt and her sister Jenn were also there and it was good to see Jenn. After class we headed to TC's for a great lunch. Then off to find ink cartridges and calendars for Colleen. Another long day!! So today I'm enjoying the quiet and the weather.

Renee's Book of Spells

Colleen bought each of my grandkids this cat from Domestic Bliss

Vintage buttons, books, maps, bags and other goodies from Peddlar's wife and Mystic Paper

Pumpkins!! Jan taught us to make these cute little pumpkins at our Stampin Up class on Wed. I have made 9 so far. The floral papers I picked up Sat at Devine Memories and am loving them. I think they make such pretty little pumpkins. Going to use on Thanksgiving table

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Weekend Recap

Well it is Sunday and time for my weekly recap of the events this week. Work was good no major crisis and end of the month reports are done and sent and billing was done. Check check check!!!
Friday was a special day with 3 special friends. We had planned a day to create and hang out and reconnect. All of us have such busy lives that it was fun to just get caught up and relax and explore. This day was also to celebrate Colleen's birthday and her wish was to do a witch on canvas. What a fun experience to see how we all took the idea and went in different directions and created amazing collages on canvas. Alas I only have pics of mine but will need to get the rest of them. Colleen brought everything but the kitchen sink so we had lots and lots of stuff to play with. As a celebration we each made a witch's hat and gave her including Aliya. Again so fun to see how we interrupted the theme. Kim's was black and sparkly with a neat witch picture check it out on her blog, Michelle did purples and wow it was so neat. after Aliya got home from preschool we headed to lunch at the "Cheesecake Factory" oh boy what we did none of us know as for us we were being quiet and respectful but they treated us awful especially poor Michelle. Michelle couldn't do anything without being snapped at geez people customer service!!! so anyway after a fair lunch with not the best service we headed back to Kim's and worked on canvases some more and made plans for Sat am. Oh ya big plans for the 4 of us.
Sat am 5 AM my alarm goes off poor me I hit it x2 as I didn't want to crawl out of bed. But I sacrificed myself got up, showered and was waiting for Ms Colleen at 5:30. People it is dark at 5:30 but I digress so Colleen picks me up and we head to ???? yeap Starbucks. Great staff and fast service. From Starbucks it it to Merchant Square for the flea market event. Yeap it is dark, cool and parking??? on the street and you have to gasp "walk". Of course Colleen took off and was practically through the swap b4 the rest of us. High prices was our take although each of us found something some more than others shal we say, Colleen, Michelle and Kim??? From fleamarket it was to "Farmhouse" for breakfast. Now we had great friendly service and great food. Then to DM for a fun class with Michelle at 10 and yes folks we are all dragging, but wait it gets better. After class it was back to Gilbert to Country Manor where Colleen and Kim scored big and then back to Merchant Square for more shopping where I scored big. In the competiveness I won as the low credit card amount, Shall we say Colleen beat Kim and I (even if we combined our totals). We missed Michelle as she had to go to a wedding.
Below are the pics from the weekend

This is my big score and I love it!!!! And look at all the paper on it.

Vintage Christmas ornaments going to use in a swap

Breakfast at the Farmhouse in Gilbert Colleen looks dead huh??

Michelle's altered canvas at DM Fun class

Kim made each of us this neat little ornament and black and white tissue package

Michelle made each of us this adorable tag and on the back is our initials It is on my tree

Not a good pic but our witch's hats

My witch canvas need to tweak it a bit

My sister sent me a surprise package of these adorable vintage looking ornaments for my tree. Love them Thanks sis

So end of a long recap. Now to put away and clean up from the past 2 days and get ready for a new week. Hope you all had a great weekend Later