Friday Trials!!!

I did have great plans for today, a day I took off from work. But great plans changed and I am in the middle of a water problem!! It all started last nite when my bathroom flooded into my bedroom. Soggy carpet, 2 " water sitting in the bathroom and bedroom. Good thing I have a wet vac. It was certainly put to good use. Then it was noted that none of the drains in the house were working: bathrooms, showers, stools, sinks. So being the ever resourceful person I am, I dumped one bottle of drain cleaner down one of the drains. Yes 1 bottle. Let it sit and lo and behold everything worked again. so here I am left with a soggy mess. Get up this am and think, logically mind you I will do laundry. Big big mistake. now nothing is working again and dear Mr Roter Rooter Man is busy. Yeah right. So once again I am sitting in a flooded bedroom vacuuming up water and praising the fact I own my on home. Good news I cleaned up my bedroom and got rid of 3 garbage bags of clothes. Bad news, no shower at least for awhile, no dishes can be done so I am forced to play on my computer.

On to more positive news. I hosted a match box swap for Halloween. What a fun swap and below are the pics of what we all did. These look real cute on my tree. Colleen wants to do Thanksgiving and Christmas swaps. In fact she is done with her Thanksgiving one. so guess we will do that

Hope you are all having a much more fun day. Back to seeing to my plumbing problem


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