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Taking a break

It is a hot hot Sunday afternoon here in good ole AZ. Sorry Dad, I'm sure my high 90's sound better than your 60's. I have been out cleaning the pool. all these winds have deposited many leaves and other junk in my pool. So presently I'm taking a break while I refill the pool. Must say it is cooler in here than it is out there. Rocket scientist aren't I???

Yesterday was a whirlwind shopping, junking, and antiquing day with Colleen. I think we were in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and Phoenix. Lots of stores lots of stuff. A news flash for all of you that know about the antique store on 7th ave that had the boom boom room. It is closed How sad. Well not for us but I'm sure someone will miss not having a place to shop for tiarras and huge sized platform shoes. Ok back to Saturday. I had some specific things in mind to shop for and 1/2 of them I found and the other 1/2 alas I did not. We were priveledged to some of the snottiest, rude staff at ETC and some…


Don't everyone faint, but yeap it is me the bad blogger actually writing today. No excuses just haven't been blogging.
I seriously can't believe this is Memorial weekend already. Boy the year is just flying by. No special plans just relax and rejuvinate for the upcoming weeks.
Kim tagged me to write 7 wierd facts about me hmmmm do I want to actually put it on paper so the whole world knows. If I think about it I guess those people that are close to me know most of my weirdness anyway ok so here goes
1. Dishwasher has to be loaded in a certain way (top rack first then bottom and silverware last)
2. Magazines, newspapers read from back to front
3. Laundry done in the same order whites, lights, darks, towels
4. I clean in absolutely the same order livingroom, kitchen, bathrooms
5. Alarm clock and watch and clocks in my house usually set 10-15 minutes ahead as I hate being late
6. Only use one type of dishsoap, laundry soap, bath soap no matter what is on sale
7. Routinel…

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Mom, Jennifer, Jo, Sheryl and Kate. Hope you are all having a great day of pampering and relaxation. That is funny huh??
My day has been quiet and I have accomplished a lot today. My big project that took over the house is completed and ready to be mailed wink! wink! The yard is raked and the debris from the last wind storm is picked up, the pool received some attention and the weeds got their daily squirt of weed killer. What more can I ask for. Just waiting for Jennifer to call so I can meet her at Trader Jo's for groceries new experience.

Birthday and Mother's Day gifts from the Vicks aka Jenn, John Sadera and Anthony. I love my clothes and.............

Yeap my new license plate cover is on too cool kids!! Bet you didn't think I would get it on so fast huh Fooled ya

Pictures from our family celebration at Tsunami last night. We celebrated 3 birthdays and Mother's Day and had a blast. New chef and the food and sushi which is already…

Bad bad bad blogger

I have been in a bloggers funk it seems. Just didn't have a whole lot to say. I guess I just needed time for self reflection on my life and the directions I want to go. Yeap my birthday came on Sunday the 6th and I had what I would call a perfect day. Lots of phone calls from family and friends, and a day of just sitting in my PJ's and doing what I wanted. No great expectations just thinking and searching. It is amazing that I am now 58. Turning 50 certainly didn't bother me as much as this birthday has. My goal has always been to age gracefuly and I am falling short of that. I do mind the grey hair, the wrinkles the sagging body the aches and pains of the joints. I do mind the lack of energy, of being tired all the time. When I think of retirement coming up in the next few years (ya right) I want to be full of energy, embrace my life, travel, do unexpected things. Guess we will see where that goes.

So again it was a busy week at work with the usual trials, stressors, and o…